Guidelines for Making Instagram Reels or YouTube Videos

Influencers, if you're making a reel or collaborating with Paahe, we have some set of guidelines for you.

In this page you'll know

What are the benefits of collaborating with Paahee?

  • Earn ₹50 for every successful new customer. We count a successful customer a person who made a purchase.
  • We transfer the money directly to your bank account via UPI or IMPS. Ony ₹50 minimum threshold is required.

Who are eligible to collaborate with Paahee?

For Instagram

Barter system: If you have more than 1,000 followers and have an engagement rate of >8%. Plus, there are more than 500 profile visits in the last 30 days. 

Paid collaboration: If you have more than 10,000 followers and have an engagement rate of >5%. Plus, there are more than 2,000 profile visits in the last 30 days. To discuss the price, email to Vaibhav (

For YouTube

Barter system: If average video views in your last 7 videos are 2,500. And have an engagement rate of >5%. 

Paid collaboration: If average video views in your last 7 videos are 20,000. And have an engagement rate of >3%. To discuss the price and eligibility, email to Vaibhav (

Goal behind making reels

The only goal should be to get sales. Reach and engagement are good but Paahee team is focussing the most on the sales now.


You get ₹50 for every new customer. Read this tutorial to see how to create an account with Paahee to get commission.


We review all the content before giving them a go-ahead to post.

Can you please make sure that you follow all the guidelines?


  1. The goal is to get sales. Tell the benefits of each features. For example, rather than saying "this Paahee kurti fits well", say "your friends won't stop complimenting you because your body shape look will beautiful in this Paahee kurti." This will attract your audience. 
  2. Always say "Paahee" before saying Kurti. For example, "this Paahee Kurti color is so vibrant", "this Paahee Kurti color won't fade away after wash."
  3. You need to shoot a video of you wearing Paahee Kurti. It's better if you do a voice over also. Voice over gets more sales. Because this makes your audience deeply connect with you and Paahee Kurti.
  4. Say "Paahee Kurti" as much as you can in the video
  5. Add one "Call to Action" at the end of the video. For example, you can say something like "Buy this Paahee Kurti right now at"
  6. Address the exact subconscious reason girls or ladies buy Kurtis for. Some of them are
      • Getting compliments from family or friends because of their good taste in clothes
      • Getting attraction by showing off the outfit
      • Looking good
      • Silently telling their personalities
      • Looking confident


  1. Saying that Paahee Kurti is cheap. You can rather use Paahee Kurti is affordable.
  2. Stacking up photos and making a video out of them.

If you're okay with the guidelines, please contact Vaibhav at

For any queries, contact Vaibhav at