Earn ₹50 For Every Successful Customer

Do you want to monetize your Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook profile? Or even your Whatsapp profile?

Now, you can earn ₹50 for every successful customer.

The best part - we transfer your money directly to your bank account.

In this page you'll know

1. What are the benefits of joining our affiliate program?

  • Earn ₹50 for every successful new customer. We count a successful customer a person who made a purchase.
  • We transfer the money directly to your bank account via UPI or IMPS. Ony ₹50 minimum threshold is required.

2. How does this work?

  1. You set up an account with us. (takes less than 30 secs)
  2. You get auto-approved.
  3. You get a unique link.
  4. Share the link to anyone. You can post it on Instagram Shorts, bio, YouTube description or even on Whatsapp.
  5. If people clicks on the link and buy any item, you get a flat ₹50 per successful customer.
  6. We transfer the money to your bank account via UPI or IMPS. The minimum threshold is only ₹50.

3. How to sign up?

  1. Go to https://paahee.goaffpro.com/. You can either use your mobile or desktop.

    Tap on Join Now.

    Affiliate signup - Paahee

  2. Either create an account or sign up with Google or Facebook.

    Affiliate sign up - Paahee

  3. You'll see this page after signing up. 

  4. You need to customize the referral URL so that it looks more personalised.

    Tap on "Home" on the top. Choose Settings.

  5. Change the text here.

    Change it to something that's unique and people know you by it. For example, you can put your Instagram username or your name.

    I've changed it to my name.

  6. Again go to Home page by choosing the navigation on the top.

    This is your link. Share this link to anyone. If customer clicks on the link and make any purchase, you get ₹50.

    Note: make sure that the link is correct. Otherwise we won't be able to track how many customers you brought. And you'll lose your earned money.

    Share this link in Instagram Shorts, bio, YouTube description, Whatsapp it to your friend or mom, etc.


4. How to transfer money to my bank account?

Our marketing team at Paahee knows how much money you earned. We can see the data in the backend.

If the customer you brought didn't return the item, we send your money via UPI or IMPS.

Our team will ask you UPI ID or bank details for IMPS.

5.Best practices to earn more

  • Make sure that there's a CTA (call to action) in the caption if you're posting a photo. It can "buy this one now and get a flat ₹250 off". If you're posting a video, say at the end that the new customers get a flat ₹250 off on the first purchase.
  • Authenticity brings new customers. If you're sharing the link, don't force them to buy. Tell me how good or confident they'll feel in our clothes. And how comfortable our clothes are.
  • Wear our cloth and post. Highlights the things you liked most. Write the highlights on caption. If it's a video, say all the things you liked the most. Be authentic. Then tell your audience or friends where to buy and how to buy.

    If you have more than 1,000 Instagram followers, you can get our clothes for free. Contact v@paahee.in (Vaibhav) to get your free cloth.
  • Make sure that your referral link is customised. Go to step 3.5 to customise your referral link. If people see your name in the link, it'll build trust. 
  • Share your referral link to all the places. The more you share, chances are more you earn.
  • Share the link multiple times. If posting for the first time didn't earn you any money, post it again on the next day. This time highlight another feature and tell your audience why this feature is useful for them.

6. FAQs 

1. What is referral link?

It's the unique link you get after signing up. Scroll to step 3.6 to see where's your referral link.

2. What is a successful customer?

If someone clicks on your referral link, creates a new account, make a purchase, and didn't return the item, the person is a successful customer.

You earn ₹50 only when a new person becomes a successful customer. 

3. My friend bought an item but I didn't earn ₹50?

There could be only three reasons:

  1. Your friend didn't click on your referral link to come to our website. She might've come to our site by googling us, directly typing paahee.in in the URL bar, etc.
  2. The "order return" period isn't over. Customers can return an item within 15 days of the delivery. The period isn't over yet.
  3. You mistakenly shared incorrect referral URL to your friend. 

For any queries, contact Vaibhav at v@paahee.in.