About Paahee

Our team

Paahee is child of Mrs. Sujata Sharan.

She's from Jaipur and always wanted to start her clothing line.

 After 30 years, she's 55 now, she took a leap and launched Paahee.

 She handles the design and quality department.

Her son, Vaibhav, handles paahee.in and its social media accounts.

He's responsible for marketing and growth.

Our location

We're located in Jaipur. All the items you see on paahee.in are made with ❤️ in Jaipur.

Our aim

We aim to serve these experience to our customers -

- lots of praises from their colleagues because our clothes add 2X beauty to them

- lots of questions from their family and friends asking where they buy ther clothes

- move and sit comfortably because our clothes are super comfortable

Her son,
Vaibhav Sharan

+91 91663 77439